The Best Age-Defying Cream

I would highly recommend derma e for an age-defying cream, their DMAE – Alpha Lipoic – C-Ester Retexturizing Creme is only $22.50 for 2 oz. and works like you wouldn’t believe!

I got a free sample and was using it like lotion. In a couple weeks, my fine lines began to disappear. They haven’t come back after about 6 months. However, fine lines that are used regularly, like my smile lines, are not going away after daily use of the cream. Even so, my skin looks much better than before I started using the product.

Is this product different than other similar creams and why is it so inexpensive? Derma e makes their own products from scratch, unlike most skin-care companies, which makes many of their products better and almost all of their products less expensive than more well-known companies’ products. Also Derma e spends very little on packaging and marketing, also keeping their costs low.


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