Zit Ointment for Flawless Skin

I am someone who’s had at least one pimple on my face from the time I was about 12. I’ve used tons of different ointments, and the only thing they’d do is leave a dry ring around the pimple, and that’s about it.

Then, I walked into a LUSH Cosmetics store for my first time in March of 2012, and my life has been forever changed: I overheard one of the sales people telling another customer about their Grease Lightning product, and thought I’d give it a try as I was going to my friend’s wedding the next day, and I felt a pimple starting to surface.

That night, I put a dab of the clear gel on the spot, and by morning, it was gone. Shocked, I put more Grease Lightning on every other mini-zit or potential zit-to-be, and all of them disappeared after a few (at most) applications. It’s been over a year since I started using the product, and I’ve only had a couple full pimples go through their whole cycle. For the most part, though, I stop them dead in their tracks with the first application, and they’re gone after one to three more applications.

Not only does it work, though, it doesn’t affect the rest of my skin at all! It doesn’t dry my skin or leave a mark. The worst it does is (if you put it on thick enough) the gel will flake off when it dries.

I even recommended it to a family friend a few months ago who has two teens with acne, and when I saw them again, after a month or so, their skin looked 97% better. And it costs less than $15 for a bottle that will probably last 10 years!

How to use Grease Lightning:

  1. Buy Grease Lightning Cleanser with this link.
  2. Clean the spot.
  3. Dab a little bit on the spot before bed.
  4. If it’s still there in the morning, clean the spot again, and dab a little more on at least 30 minutes before putting makeup on top.
  5. Repeat as necessary (even every few hours if necessary) until the zit is gone.



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